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The cutest ever Brand Mascot with attitude.  Fantastic for a Caribbean, Mexico, South American businesses.

You were invited as a Business that might have an interest in a completed Brand Mascot.

Introducing Reefer.

This little Iguana could be your Brand Mascot for your company.  He was created by Geeks Marketing for a Cancun Vacation Booking Company.   Unfortunately or fortunately for you, our client didn’t pay us.

Reefer or also referred to as Mr. Cancun was to become the Brand Signature to be used on all Marketing Materials.  We created him in 8 different poses.

Can be used for:  rmails, Email signature, contracts, stationery, business cards, and all Brand Clothing and Swag.

We also used him for ads, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google:

Reefer took us about 2 months to create.   These are a few of the creative renditions, which eventually led to our final, Reefer.

Creative Renditions

Final Reefer

The deliverables include the transfer of ownership of the Reefer creative with the 8 Reefer renditions and the ads.   All creatives are in jpg, png, and PSD formats.    Additional changes or graphics are outside the scope of this auction and can be discussed at 281-823-9200.   Ask for Sue Davis.

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