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Agency Graphic Designers at Freelance Prices

No commitments. No interviews. Just a conversation with an experienced Creative Account Manager and you are off to getting top-notch graphics for your business.  Quality Business Graphics done by professional graphic designers.

We do everything you see on these webpages, including design, graphics, coding, music, content, calls to action, and SEO. Nothing is subcontracted; everything is done by our internal staff. It is the reason we call ourselves “geeks”, as we not only create unique designs, but we also have the skills to implement these technologies for websites to monetize your efforts. The core of our business is our talented Graphic Designers.

What makes us different?


We’ve been doing graphic design for over a decade for our customers. Depending on whether you are looking for traditional, custom, modified, or trending graphics, we have a dedicated group of amazing Graphic Designers that can meet your requirements.

Dedicated Creative Account Manager

You will have a dedicated Creative Account Manager who will be with you from the start of your project until it is completed.  They will be able to make sure our graphic designers meet your expectations.   We want happy customers.

The Right Graphic Designer for the Job

Not all graphic designers are created the same. Graphic Designers generally have a style, but more importantly, they have an area they are great at, whether it be print design, logos, brochures, infographics, mascots, or any other graphic aspect.


Our designs are original. Our images are not copied from clip art or copyright-free materials. We deliver in many formats, generally PNG and JPG, but we can deliver in almost any format. We keep copies of your PSD files for future assignments.


You only pay for the time the graphic designer works. You can purchase at an hourly rate or in blocks at a reduced rate.

Price Comparison

Pricing Agency Freelance
Standard $65 $25 $30*
Ranges $100 $75 $60*
*Depends on the Plan Purchased

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We charge in 15-minute increments, and if you have any remaining time, it will be applied toward the next project. Most of our customers use our services over and over and purchase in blocks of time, much like a retainer.
For example, many of our Bingo customers need their displays updated as their games change. They simply send us the changes, and we bill against their unused credits. We keep the client files, so our graphic designers don’t have to duplicate their efforts.

Our Methodology

To begin our service, we require payment upfront, along with your requirements. We prefer that you call and talk to a Creative Account Manager who can assess your requirements and make recommendations. They also act as your ‘second’ opinion to talk directly to the graphic designer.
Once we understand the project and have received payment, we begin the design. Generally, you will receive a couple of initial designs the next business morning by email with a link to view your project creatives.
Your Creative Account Manager will call later the same day to discuss your changes. Then, we direct the graphic designer to make changes and get you new renditions. The cycle continues until you are satisfied, and then we mark the project as completed.


If you choose a fixed-priced project, like a logo, yes, our graphic designer will give you unlimited revisions until you are satisfied. Or if we feel we can’t satisfy you, we will refund your money.

What People are Saying

I’ve worked with Geeks Marketing for about 5 years. They know what they are doing. Probably what makes them unique is that they understand how all the pieces of internet marketing fit together, so you’re not buying just one thing that may work until it doesn’t. I will continue to work with them, as I haven’t found anyone who understands how to grow my business.

Cheyenne LaSoya

Quality Service 360

I have worked with Sue and her company, Geeks Marketing, for a little over 3 years. During that time, Sue and her host of staff experts have helped me with website improvement, Facebook, SEO, graphics for digital display, and word content. I have always been more than pleased with the professionalism, quality product, and quick turnaround times. Geeks Marketing never missed a deadline for me, and they are my go-to business for my special needs.

Randy Long

The Post Bingo

Shout out to Sue for all the help, which included but was not limited to the excellent service, range of products, and amazing final products that were uniquely created for my new business. I would recommend her to anyone who has never been through this process before because she will walk you through the entire process step by step to ensure you are happy with the final product. The three words I would use to describe her work would be “Fast, Professional, Quality work”.

Christopher Burns

American Vision Marketing

Graphic Designer Geeks | Agency Graphics at Freelance Prices


100% Guarantee: If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied, we will refund your money.

Check Out Some of Our Work

We are dedicated passionate Graphic Designer Geeks who love the ‘art’ of graphics. If you want images that match your message and covert, look no further. With 20 years of Business Graphic design experience, our graphics are top notch, because we understand marketing….that powerful graphics can produce actionable results.

Below are three branding examples. Branding starts with a strong logo which becomes the foundation for the rest of the marketing collateral, from mascots, to brochures, websites, and so much more. Building a brand takes years. None of the examples below were done overnight, yet the message and graphics are enough similar to continue to build the brand.

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