General Information

What is the process for creating graphics and content?

It is a five step process.

1.  When payment is received, you will immediately receive a confirmation, and then a form, then ask you for more specific information.
2.  When the form is received, we will call you to review your requirement.
3.  We begin immediately on the design, (typically the same day) and will have graphics for you, the following day.
4.  We typically have another conversation, reviewing and discussing changes that are needed.
5.   We rinse and repeat until the deliverable is completed.

Can you do custom development and what are your charges?

Yes, if it is in WordPress. We can modify, change, and do any type of WordPress development. Whether it be design, adding pages, adding functionality, adding themes or widget, or customizing or adding a widget. Our hourly rate for development is $85/hr.


How are payments billed?

Payments are completed before the service begins.   if at any time you’re not satisfied with the service, we will refund your money.   Geeks Marketing reserves the right  to cancel service and refund money, when we grossly are abused (too many revisions, too much time).    Our goal is to satisfy each and every one of our customers, and while this rarely happens, sometimes communications fail.

Are services under a contractual basis?

No.  There are no contracts.

Can I pay with Paypal?

No, currently we do offer Paypal as a payment option.


How does the support desk work?

Access to our support desk gives you access to expert WordPress advise and troubleshooting.

Other Services

What other services do you provide?

WP Security Geeks specializes in WordPress Security and Maintenance.  Most website owner have no idea how important security is, much less maintenance.    Website Security and Maintenance can be equated to your Home Security and Maintenance.   Without Security, you run the risk of someone breaking in.   And the better your security, the more secure your house is.  Maintenance is much the same, you need to clean the house and fix things as they are broken.   However, with a website, good maintenance is essential to rankings.   Google PENALIZES for broken links, poor site speed, mobile website not enabled.   WordPress Security is the foundation of good SEO.

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