General Information

How much will my project cost?
Projects cost can vary significantly. Many factors enter into the equation. What the project is, how much time the graphic designer needs to create, the number of changes, and the final deliverable and formats. Together all these factors might sound overwhelming, but if you discuss your project with a Creative Account Manager, he/she can give an approximate number of hours it will take. If you are still concerned, we can always provide you a fixed price for your project.
What is the process of creating graphics and content?
Our process consists of five steps:

  1. Either discuss your requirements or email us the details of your project with a Creative Account Manager. When we feel we ‘understand’ the project, we can suggest a plan to purchase that should cover your costs.
  2. We will send you an invoice.
  3. When payment for the project is received from you, you will immediately receive a confirmation.
  4. We will begin the project (typically the same day) and will have graphics designs for you the following day that are sent to you via email to a link.
  5. Your Creative Account Manager will call to review and discuss changes that are needed.

We go back to work and create new renditions.  The cycle continues until you are satisfied, and then will we mark the project completed.


How are payments billed?
Once you select a plan, we will invoice you.   Our Creative Account Manager will ask you for the appropriate information, your name, company name, address, and how you like to be contacted.  You can either pay with a credit card or bank transfer.   We do NOT offer Paypal as a payment option.  The information and links will be on the invoice.
How are charges incurred?

We charge in 15-minute increments, and if you have remaining time, it will be applied toward the next project.   Most of our customers use our services for different projects and purchase in blocks of time, much like a retainer.   For example, many of our Bingo customers need their displays updated as their games change. They simply send us the changes, and we bill against their unused credits.

Money-Back Guarantee

What if I am unhappy with the graphics?

If at any time you’re not satisfied with our service, we will refund your money.   Graphic Designer Geeks reserves the right to cancel service and refund money when we feel we can’t meet your expectations.  Regardless of the time spent, we will refund your money.

Are services on a contractual basis?

No.  There are no contracts.

Copy and Writing Content

Do you write the copy or the content?

We can.  Please go to Web Writer Geeks to see our copyrighting services.

We will make suggestions for better copy and conversion if you ask, but generally, unless we are contracted for copy services, we defer to our customer’s intent.

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